Nick Atkins Fellow # 3

Our third Fellow Nick Atkins is a performance Artist from Sydney. He came to Berlin to work on his writing.

Why did you apply?

My creative practice so far has been focused on working as a performer specialising in the area of physical theatre. Over 3 months at the end of last year I went on a working tour to try and test myself as a writer. I’m trying to convert the storytelling I have traditionally gesture to the written word.

When did you stay Berlin?

It was late september early november.

What did you do in Berlin?

i walked the streets and fell in love with the buildings! I also spent a lot of time reading placards and memorial descriptions . i discovered an interest in the “weightiness” of the writing and the deep respect that was demonstrated through this. I’ve been trying to integrate this into some of my work currently.

What did you think of the project?

I think it’s a wonderful opportunity and brilliant method for building a creative node through which people of all paths can move through. Those few days in Berlin were a wonderful chance to consolidate much of the writing I had been doing at my residency previously.

What did you work on whilst being in Berlin?

I worked on the first two chapters on an extended creative writing piece. (This is a first for me!) See above!

conclusion- Berlin is: a place where things can begin.


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