Carrie King – Fellow # 8

There I am (taking the photo)!

Who are you?
My name is Carrie, or so they tell me. I come from Ireland and am a sometime journalist, oftentime poet and mosttime wanderer.

Why did you apply?
Because I fell in love with Berlin a long time ago and have been itching to be back. This seemed like a perfect way to combine two loves. Writing and Wandering in Berlin

IMG_2771When did you come?

In a very chilly week in February.

What did you do in Berlin?

Coffee, wandering, writing, coffee, wine, coffee, gallery-mooching, film-watching, poetry-reading, poetry-writing, meeting old friends, coffee, making new ones, coffee, walking, freezing, speaking broken German, feeling guilty for making others have to speak English, coffee, drawing (badly), being amazed at how cool everyone is, taking photos, reading maps, oohing and aahing at art. Coffee.
What did you think of the program?
Before I came, I was more-than-slightly convinced that it would all be one big hoax as it seemed far too good to be true. Turns out, some things are just amazing. It’s an unbelieveably generous undertaking for Louisa and it’s an incredible luxury just to take a step out of your own life for a little while, to jolt the old creativity. It’s a wonderful programme.

What did you work on whilst in berlin?

You mean other than my tan? šŸ˜‰ I wrote mostly. I always find thinking easiest when on the move, so while walking around the city, I composed some poems in my head and then stopped for coffee to write down the swirling ideas and write them down. I sketched quite a bit as well, which was wonderful to get back to.

Best/worst moments
Best? Well, it was all pretty damn snazzy. I think the best moment was the PENTales Night, and being part of a creative collective. It was just such a great time.

Thanks everyone!


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