Philip Hodges Fellow # 1

Philip is a German / American film director with a heart for the fantastic and true. It was truly fantastic having you stay in Berlin, watching you be creative and listening to your song/story at our PenTales Salon Night!

Why did you apply?

I cannot help but create, and with the support of this generous fellowship I was free to explore Berlin and let my imagination and camera run free.

Why did I accept?
I am impressed that Louisa saw a glimmer of potential in an artist rough around the edges and am flattered to have kicked off this ongoing tradition.

298854_975626913681_2636135_nWhen was your stay in Berlin?
I came during the rainy month of August and stayed until the sun would let me play outside again.

What did you do in Berlin?
I was uncertain what project I would pursue until the end of my tenure, and while this can be limiting at times, I find it exhilarating to work under pressure; I shot a video about street life in Berlin that was projected onto a museum in Washington D.C.

IMG_2804What did you think of the project?
I loved and still do love my project.

What did you work on whilst in berlin?
Meeting and making friends was a very memorable part of my stay, while snapping pictures throughout.

408522_10100633035468641_1410689002_nBest/worst moments
My best moment was meeting Louisa for the first time.
My worst moment was waking up late on my last day of filming and thereby missing out on valuable daylight, hence my projects title “Art After Dark”.

conclusion- Berlin is:
My homebase!

Check out Philip’s Website:


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