The Hemingway room Berlin is back! After a few month pause we were happy to welcome our first fellow in 2013 ELEY WILLIAMS

78_519403629170_2417_n Eley Williams is a british writer, currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. Not only did she read a wonderful story at our PenTales Berlin Salon Night (will be posted here and on facebook soon). She also amazed us by getting a real Berlin Curry Wurst at the Currywurstbude next door at 2 o’clock at night – in her jammies! We loved your spontaneous way and having you here. Thanks Eley!

Why did you apply? I had become aware of PenTales through its online incarnation; the idea I could pop up and take advantage of the offer of time in Berlin and the room’s breathing-space to write was too good an opportunity to miss.

When did you come? 19-22nd February, mild-snowy season.

What did you do in Berlin? I spent a lot of time in arrant toddle mode with my eyes open, falling into scenes, cafes and galleries as I found them. I also visited the Grimm brothers’ graves in Alte St.-Matthäus-Kirchhof for a project I’m working upon, as well as the city’s Spinnboden and various places related to Vladmir Nabakov’s stay in Berlin.

What did you think of the project? It was a great privilege to be granted the time at the flat as well as such great, interesting company. Being in unfamiliar surrounds but where one is made to feel quite so comfortable is a rare treat; an incomparable place and opportunity.

IMG_2784What did you work on whilst in Berlin? I was exploring any links that could be made between the Grimms’ Deutsches Wörterbuch (1854) and their collection of Fairytales, hopefully to create a short work of fiction.

Best/worst moments: Not one single bad moment and many excellent; the people and stories that attended at the PenTales ‘Dreams and Illusions’ reading event on the Thursday was a sure highlight!

‘Berlin is — : Great! And I can’t imagine a more bonny introduction to it.’


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