Stay in Berlin, Las Vegas or Atlanta for nothing else but your creativity! 

In Octobre 2011 PenTales announced the opening of the PenTales Hemingway Room – a small beautiful room in an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, one of Berlin’s inspiring and creative neighborhoods.

Creative souls of all stripes were invited to stay in the room for FREE for up to four days. The only requirement: they produce one creative work sample during their stay, including but not limited to writing, music, drawing, film making and photography. Their work joins that of other Hemingway Room guests in the room itself, so fellows would be able to see each others work and it is displayed on this blog and in a larger PenTales Hemingway Room exhibition.

The idea of the Hemingway Room is not supposed to be limited to Berlin. So in January 2012 two further Hemingway Rooms were announced – one in Las Vegas and one in Atlanta.

The aim is to build a worldwide Network of Hemingway Rooms. Each Room and the applications are handled by each host.

This Blog is a plattform for all Hemingway Rooms around the world to show the wonderful creative fellows, their work and the growth of the network .

If you like to apply for the Fellowship, please check out the info for the city you’re planing to visit and contact the host. Introduce yourself, tell him what days you hope to visit and what it is, you do. Please include samples of your previous work. The PenTales Hemingway Rooms are open year-round (each host decides how many fellows he will accept per year) and always welcome applications.

If you like to open a Hemingway Room, please contact: louisa_loewenstein@hotmail.com

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